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  • copperwirexinyu
    copperwirexinyu posted a new classified listing:
    • 19 September
  • copperwirexinyu
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  • hayleyrichter
    hayleyrichter posted a new classified listing:
    Japanese Spitz Friends
    • 18 September
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  • Kujo
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  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 RIP beautiful girl, My Nelsy's queen has crossed to the bridge to take her place on her throne.......Hug's and xxxxx for Aunty Kim....
    • 15 September
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 has added a new profile photo.
    • 15 September
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    • Nelson4
      Aja My beautiful girl is sharing a never ending supply of watermelon and carrots with her Handsome, Joshy, Maximus, Miss Molly, Hodgie and all of other dogtree friends who have crossed the bridge . Thank you for the big hugs at sad and difficult time. Love an...  more
    • Nelson4
      Ernie We are very sad to hear of the beautiful Aja's passing, we will miss you very much :( Big hugs to you Kim from us and sloppy kiss from Ernie xxxooo
  • LizzytheLab
    LizzytheLab is now friends with Nelson4.
    • 14 September