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Welcome to dogtree

dogtree is a free service that connects you with other dog owners. Join today and find your dog a friend.

Use dogtree to:
  • Pair your dog with a backyard buddy
  • Arrange dog sitting and walking
  • Meet new dogs living nearby
  • Place a free ad in our classifieds section
  • Keep up with local news and events

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  • dogtreeAdmin
    dogtreeAdmin Dear members - I have some very exciting news about dogtree which I want to share with you before the official announcement. Dogtree is merging with a new site called Dogshare ( which is run by entrepreneur and dog lover Jessica Th...  more
    • 11 October
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    • dogtreeAdmin
      dogtreeAdmin As Jessica leads the way, I will be formally stepping down from my role with Dogtree and will not have an active part in Dogshare, but I will of course be giving the site my full support and will see you online as a new member. Thank you for all your love...  more
    • dogtreeAdmin
      Aja dogreeAdmin, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication over the years. Dogtree not only bought our dogs together, but we have made life long friends because of this web site. Thank you again and best wishes for the future :)
  • dogtreeAdmin
    • 11 October
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    • 10 October
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    • 28 September
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    hayleyrichter posted a new classified listing:
    Japanese Spitz Friends
    • 18 September