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What's New

  • Baeu
    Baeu has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Aja
    Ajaladybug: Welcome to dogtree :) 
    • 20 February
  • MiddyMaremma
    MiddyMaremma I would like everyone to meet Leo ...... Sadly Middy passed away 6 months  ago
    • 20 February
    • MiddyMaremma
      Aja So sorry to read that your beautiful Middy has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Will always remember meeting Middy at Bark Out Loud and he was such a gentle giant. I still say to Aja, why can't you be as gentle as Middy! Welcome to dogtree Leo. RIP Middy
      • 20 February
    • MiddyMaremma
      Nelson4 So sad to hear about Middy,,sounds like he passed at about the same time as Nelson.....RIP all our Dogtree pals at the Bridge..
  • MiddyMaremma
    MiddyMaremma has added a new profile photo.
    • 20 February
  • Ernie
    ErnieMacleod: Hi Levi, you are such a cutie! Hey, I live in Macleod to and go Rosanna Parklands everyday!
    Hope we can catch up one day :)
    • 18 February
  • Macleod
    Macleod has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Lidia4444
    Lidia4444 has added a new profile photo.
    • 16 February
    • Maxie, Nelson4, and Ernie like this.
    • Lidia4444
      Nelson4 Aww what a LiL cutie beautiful ..hope you make loads of pals here....
      • 16 February
  • Lidia4444
    Lidia4444 joined the group Sydney doggie pals
    • 16 February