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Canine Classifieds

    • Location Hampton, Vic [map]
    Hi, We have a 14 week old, male English Pointer - had first 2 sets of vaccinations and begun to socialise. We're looking for other puppies to arrange play-dates with, ideally in Bayside. Happy to host or meet in a park/beach. Thanks, Sian.
  • April 14 - posted by Shady
    • Location Reservoir, Preston, Thornbury [map]
    Hi There, Shady is a 10 month old Labrador cross Staffy. She is new to our home and so we are still learning about each other. She will start obedience training in the next week but when not full of beans is a polite lady. She does get over-excited when she sees other dogs so we will be working har...
  • April 7 - posted by LisaJacobs
    • Location Bayside [map]
    Chile the energetic labradoodle is very bored during the day, so I'm on the look out to find another dog who might like to spend some time with her. Your dog could come to our house, or she could spend a day at yours if you like, to swap things around a bit. We've got a great big fenced yard, and l...
    • Location altona [map]
    hi everyone mum is having a very special day at altona beach at 12 pm 6th april as the beach is one of bridies favourite places if u have met bridie we would love for u to come support our mum
    • Location Runcorn [map]
    Hi, we have a large 1 year old Ridgeback cross (Whiskey) that we adopted from a shelter a few months ago. Whiskey is such a happy playful boy who loves all dogs and doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but the other dog at our home is far too small for him to play with. We are looking for a med...
    • Location Deep Rock Picnic Area. Deep Rock Road, Fairfield [map]
    Lead The Way Walk is a fundraising walk for Victorian Dog Rescue. Sunday, March 16, 2014 Walk starts at 11:00 AM http://www.newsletter.com.au/upload/file_upload/member_16731/Lead_The_Way.pdf Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc (VicDRG) is a not for profit organisation whose purpose ...
  • February 13 - posted by sabyjoy
    • Location St Kilda, Melbourne [map]
    Anyone in the St Kilda area looking for daytime play dates? My beagle would love some company while I'm at work. Let me know if so!
  • January 24 - posted by Nelson4
    Labby day is back for 2014. Come along and have some fun....all hounds welcome. When:Sunday 16th of Feb. Where:Altona dog beach. Time:1:30pm Parking is available athe Altona worker/sport club in Millers Rd.
    • Location Pacific Pines, Gold Coast [map]
    Hi there, We have a beautiful toy poodle who loves playing with other dogs! We would love to meet with some puppies or dogs that love to play. We live on the Gold Coast, and are happy to travel anywhere around the coast. Nala our toy poodle is currently 5 months old, and is very playful and happ...
  • January 20 - posted by DeNiro
    • Location Fullarton, SA [map]
    My name is Deniro and a super excited loving jack Russell... I'm nearly 3 years old, and looking for company for when mum & dad are at work or for weekend dates.. We can have the run of the house when the old folks are at work but they pop in all the time to make sure I'm behaving.... Even if...

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What's New

  • Rudy
    Rudy has added a new profile photo.
    • April 20
    • Rudy
      Nelson4 Very handsome fella....High Paws nels
    • Rudy
      Lucyella You are a very beautiful boy Rudy, and I guess we'll see lots of pics of you growing up, can't wait to see.
      • 25 minutes ago
  • Rudy
    Rudy posted a new classified listing:
    Puppy Play Date Bayside, Melbourne
    • April 19
  • teganandpiper
    teganandpiper joined the group Kelpie Club
    • April 19
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    teganandpiper joined the group Dogs that Love cats
    • April 19
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    • April 19
  • teganandpiper
    teganandpiper has added a new profile photo.
    • April 19
  • Satch
    Satch Me. & B is getting ready to bounce & run and snuffle ... Must prepare for camping!!!! Yeah baby yeah!! Though B got in trouble a bit last time cos she went 'sploring wif out me!!
    • April 17
    • Satch
      Satch Da hoomans got all worried and kept telling me to 'find find her' - but I thought they meant my ball!
      • April 17
    • Satch
      Tygger ooo B, that was a bit naughty! But understandable. I mean, sometimes we just gotta do a runner... I mean... explore hehe! You 2 gorgeous pups enjoy your camping and snuffling.. woohoo!
    • Satch
      Nelson4 Ohhh B you is gotta be careful beautiful maybe you need me to come and look after you!
    • Satch
      Satch Haha, we did outsmart the hoomans again!! Blondie found a way out of da orchard fence while mum and dad were out! But grandpa and nana were around & saw us 'sploring so we went to talk with them. I woz only following B, it wasn't my fault, I'm a good girl .....
      • April 20
    • Satch
      Nelson4 Hoomans 0 Hounds 2 ahhh this is almost to easy!
  • melpow79
    melpow79 is now friends with Nyka.
    • April 17