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  • BaileeBrisbane
    BaileeBrisbaneNoonah: Hey :) I know you posted this ad ages ago but we are in Kedron and have a boisterous, bouncy cattle dog x who has just turned 1. She is not submissive but not overly dominant either - she loves chasing, being chased and wrestling. Let us know if you ever ...  more
    • 23 June
  • BaileeBrisbane
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  • kellinmiller
    kellinmiller has added a new profile photo.
    • 17 June
  • kellinmiller
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  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 12 months ago today our beautiful boy Nelson left us.
    Miss you everyday my big boy and you will be in our
    hearts forever.....RIP mate till we meet again.
    • 3 June
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 added 1 photo(s) to the album Buddy :
    • 1 June
    • Nelson4
      axelsmum Hey has ya got a new bro Nels? 'cos I got a knew sis. She's a real princess. Her name is Olympia.
      • 11 December 2014
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 Hey Ax i do got a new bro his name is Buddy and he is an athlete...not like me...Can't wait to meet her....what about howard ?????
    • Nelson4
      axelsmum Ooh Nels can't wait to meet him. Is he a labby too? Olympia is the new Howard. Howard didn't quite work out so he's now living near the beach with another labby. Olympia is a nearly 2 year old lab/golden retriever and she is an athlete too LOL She go...  more
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 Awww pawsome can't wait to meet her to,yep buddy is a labby to and we can make them have a fast for me!
      • 12 December 2014