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  • Nelson4
    Nelson4dogtreeAdmin: It not fair DT admin we are losing all our beautiful hounds.
    • 13 October
    • Nelson4
      dogtreeAdmin So true, Nels. It’s a sad time. BearBear also passed to Rainbow Bridge. I wasn’t able to announce it on the site previously because it was too painful. I sympathise with all our members who have lost their best friend.
      • 15 October
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 So sad to hear that.
      Hope Bear wasn't in any pain.
      I Thank our Buddy for being in our life when we lost Nelsy cos otherwise not sure how we would have coped....
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 has added a new profile photo.
    • 8 October
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 commented on Aja's photo: RIP Beautiful Bell...My Nelsy will show you around...xxxx
    • 8 October
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  • Georgie2010
    Georgie2010 joined the group Mornington Peninsula & surrounds
    • 28 September
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