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  • Tank1puppy
    Tank1puppy Hello everyone,

    I am looking for an equally energetic large breed dog Tank can play with. He is now a 1 year old huge puppy. We are in the Parramatta region is anybody would like to meet us and play! ...  more
    • 26 June
  • Lukeyt
    Lukeyt has added a new profile photo.
    • 26 June
  • Lukeyt
    Lukeyt commented on jimmyrocket's classified listing: Big boy! When are you free I’d be happy to mind your boy for an arvo!
    • 25 June
  • Lukeyt
    LukeytJulesStanmore: Hey Jules how are you? 
    • 25 June
  • Lukeyt
    Lukeyt commented on angelchiasserini's classified listing: Hey when are you free I have s bull dog and I live not far from Kensington. My dog loves staffys 😜
    • 25 June
  • Lukeyt
    Lukeyt commented on Bobbie509's photo: 🤫
    • 25 June