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  • TobiandBuddy Let me introduce my new furbrother Bailey. A 7.5 month old rescue border collie. Really trying my patience; I tell him to bugger off, but he just keeps coming back for more play. Just hope I can keep up with him and help Mum train him in some manners.
    1 June 2017
  • Nelson4 So sad to hear our beautiful Lucy has joined my Nelsy and all our passed Labby pals at the bridge. Bet my big boy is organizing a labby dqy to welcome Lucy. Look after mate and show her the ropes.
    8 February
  • axelsmum So Mum is slacking off at work and posting because she hasn't posted much recently. All is good. My sister Olympia split her toenail and has to wear a bootie hehehehehehehe! Hope all my pals are doing OK.
    18 July 2017
  • Duke38 Hi dog pals! Does anyone know how to get in contact with the website owner / admin here? I've sent a note on the contact page but not had a response so far. Thanks in advance - Jess
    5 March
  • charli Iz so pooped. A beagle from over the back keeps on digging under our fence. Was fun at first but she is so full of energy & wants to wrestle 24/7. Hard to even have a drink or a pee when she's here. Humum gettin' a bit annoyed 'cause Shadow has been a bit destructive in the garden & broken into the vege patch. Has spent the last 3 nights sleeping on my stretcher bed outside the back door (will get wet if it rains) while Iz been snuggled up inside. Not sure where her owners think she is; prob'ly enjoying the break! Humum blocked off the hole twice today & thought it'd worked but when we came home from a 45 min walk, guess who was back?! She's a kleptomaniac too; has been taking hose fittings & brushes back with her! Iz gettin' old (turned 9 y'day) & my hips & I need some rest!! zzzzz
    17 May 2017
  • Aja