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  • AnnsFlyingFast Flyball crazy
    1 January 1970
  • Ferris10 Hello  my owner urgently needs help.  She lives on the 3rd floor and has sprained her ankle.  I need four walks a day.  Can you help.
    20 May 2017
  • suemason Hi Thanks for the message but I am in Brissy so way to far for a doggy playdate thanks for the thought :-)
    18 May 2017
  • DaneCollins Just bought a new puppy. Her name is Bella, is 12 weeks old, and is a cross between a Border Collie and Koolie. She is absolutely beautiful and extremely smart. She has started puppy school but am hoping to meet a few other dogs om here to help her socialise. We are based in the Campbelltown area of Sydney.
    5 May 2017