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  • TobiandBuddy Let me introduce my new furbrother Bailey. A 7.5 month old rescue border collie. Really trying my patience; I tell him to bugger off, but he just keeps coming back for more play. Just hope I can keep up with him and help Mum train him in some manners.
    1 June
  • pennyvic Does anyone know of any good dog friendly hikes around the South East areas of Melbourne, particularly ones that are up hill? ¬†Thanks!
    26 March 2015
  • axelsmum So Mum is slacking off at work and posting because she hasn't posted much recently. All is good. My sister Olympia split her toenail and has to wear a bootie hehehehehehehe! Hope all my pals are doing OK.
    18 July
  • Joshy hopefully is up there having fun in the sun with Larry and Nels....
    18 August
  • Larry I am off playing with Joshy and Nels.¬† Larry Out.
    18 August