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  • Ernie Hey Tyggie, well I tried to gobble them all up, but Mummy surprised me later and gave me some that she hid from me!!! 
    28 October 2016
  • dogtreeAdmin Dear DT Members!  DT is now restored and working as usual!!  Apologies for the glitches over the past couple of days - we appreciate your understanding and hope to see you online in the future.  Updates coming soon!  Please contact us with your ideas!  Best wishes, Britt
    5 February
  • axelsmum Carrots and apples ready for today.  And can someone tell Mum to stop sniffling already.  We're gonna make this the bestest labby day ever for our buddy Nels and our missing budy Joshy.  I will have some watermelon for you though Joshy.  Am sure you will be with us in spirit though.
    28 February 2016