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  • BearBear dogtree is the 3,658,267th most popular site on the web!
    14 July 2011
  • Bruiser2010 what up dogs!! who wants to go play???
    26 November 2015
  • Tank1puppy Hello everyone, I am looking for an equally energetic large breed dog Tank can play with. He is now a 1 year old huge puppy. We are in the Parramatta region is anybody would like to meet us and play! Unfortunately there are too many little dogs in our area and owners are too scared to let him play with them. Thankyou
    26 June
  • Chilcomb Hi just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. We are getting a puppy soon and wondering how the best way would be to introduce our 14 year old Siamese cat to the puppy. Mia was fine with Rosie who has recently passed away. Thank you in advance.
    19 December 2015